Pitchkettle Road Realignment

Project Update...

One remaining structure is planned to be demolished and private utility relocations to start early 2024.

Project Description

Realignment of Pitchkettle Road Bridge over Lake Meade to W Constance Road.  The purpose of the Pitchkettle Road Realignment Project is to increase corridor safety for both pedestrians and drivers. The project will also enhance flow of traffic from Prentis Street to Pitchkettle Road while providing some much needed aesthetic improvements. The addition of sidewalk along the west side of Pitchkettle Road will provide pedestrian safety.

Based on the attached community feedback the preferred design alignment is Modified Alignment 2, as such the city will be moving forward with this alignment.

Project Manager:  
Luke Drylie
Phone: 514-7708

PItchkettle Road Realignment

Existing Centerline Alignment (Not Approved):
This alignment was developed with the goal of matching the existing alignment of the roadway, with horizontal geometry that meets current design standards, and to widen the roadway off the new alignment. This option does create greater right of way impacts by affecting properties to the South as well as to the North of the existing alignment.

Modified Alignment 1 (Not Approved):
Alignment revision at the western end of the project coming off the bridge to avoid impacts to an existing property along the north side of the roadway. This generally pushes the alignment of the roadway a bit further south and removes all of existing Pitchkettle Road, requiring direct access from Pitchkettle Road to adjacent properties. 

Modified Alignment 2 (Approved Alignment):
Re-aligns the road to the north as much as possible and generally smooths out the horizontal geometry. With the roadway to the north, we are able to use existing Pitchkettle Road as an access road to adjacent properties instead of entrances directly off of Pitchkettle Road.


The budget for this project is $9,970,681. Using state and local funds.

Preliminary Engineering: $700,000
Right of Way Acquisition:$3,770,681
Construction:                   $5,500,000
Total Budget:                 $9,970,681


Preliminary Engineering:   Fall 2018 – Summer 2022
Right of Way Acquisition:  Summer 2022 – Fall 2024
Construction:                     Fall 2024 – Fall 2026

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