Tennis and Pickleball

Tennis is a lifelong sport that the entire family can enjoy. Lessons continue throughout the fall weather permitting. Our certified instructor will focus on motor skills and hand eye coordination while teaching your child the basics of tennis, including: forehands, backhands, volleys, overheads, and serves. Kids will have fun learning through drills and games.

Suffolk Parks and Recreation offers youth, teen and adult tennis lessons for the beginners who are just picking up a racquet, to the more advanced intermediate players looking to sharpen their skills! We have 10 tennis courts (4 courts with lighting) surrounding our grassy gazebo pavilion.  Howard Mast Tennis Complex, 4071 North Main St, (behind the Kroger Shopping Center and next to Lake Meade Park).

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Suffolk Parks and Recreation and Western Tidewater Tennis Association(WTTA) are happy to welcome our new USPTR Certified Tennis Pro, Cyril Dash, as our new contracted Tennis Pro for Franklin and Suffolk. 

Cyril Dash grew up in the US Virgin Islands and has 17 years of tennis experience and 4 years playing collegiate tennis at Florida A&M University. Cyril was recently the Assistant Coach for Chowan University Men's and Women's Tennis teams since January 2022, where his wife is the Head Coach. 

Cyril has taught tennis in various locations, including Van Der Meer Tennis Academy in Hilton Head, SC. He also was an Assistant Coach at Florida A&M university Women's Tennis team. Cyril recently completed the USTA Safe Play Certification program, including a background check. The WTTA is also encouraging Cyril to become our US Pickleball certified instructor. 


Cyril Dash- USPTR Tennis Pro

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Tennis Ball Rental Machine

A tennis ball machine is available for rental for those who choose to practice hitting individually. Rent a tennis ball machine for $10 per hour. Call Howard Mast Tennis Complex at 757-514-7243 for further details.


For more information on pickleball, please contact 757-514-4500.