Stormwater Utility Program

The Stormwater Utility provides funding for mandated federal and state stormwater programs including MS-4 permit requirements, as well as maintenance and operational cost, capital improvement projects and citywide mosquito control.

Assessment of the fee is based on the amount of impervious cover located on a parcel and is billed on an equivalent residential unit (ERU) basis; one (1) ERU is equivalent to 3,039 square feet of impervious area. Single-family residential parcels are billed for 1 ERU regardless of impervious cover.

The current stormwater utility rate is $7.50/month per ERU. 

What is stormwater?

Stormwater is runoff from rain or snow. Impermeable surface that results from improvements cause water to accumulate above the surface instead of slowly filtering into the ground. As that water runs off, it picks up pollutants and debris from roadways, parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, etc., before entering our lakes, streams and rivers.

How is the Stormwater Utility Fee paid?

A fee paid twice a year with your real estate tax bill.  

Is the stormwater utility a fee or a tax?

Although the fee is delivered as part of the real estate tax bill, the stormwater utility fee is a fee assessed to all developed properties within the City.  

What does the fee pay for?

The fee pays for  drainage improvement projects, street sweeping, ditch cleaning, maintenance of stormwater structures and pipes, environmental programs (water sampling, illicit discharge  detection and elimination, etc., inspections, Public education programs .


Who pays the fee?

Owners of developed property receive stormwater utility bills. 

How is the fee calculated?

Residential:  All residential property owners are billed at a rate equivalent to one (1) ERU for a total of $90.00 per year. 

Non-Residential: The formula for calculating the stormwater utility fee for non-residential properties is as follows: An Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU) is equal to the average impervious area (areas covered with residences, buildings, driveways, etc.) determined from all residential units in the City. That average impervious area for Suffolk has been determined to be 3,039 square feet. Therefore, divide the total impervious area of a non-residential property by one ERU (3,039 SF) to obtain the number of ERUs, and multiply that by the current stormwater utility rate ($7.50/month). The minimum utility fee for any property shall be no less than one ERU.


Are credits available? 

Non-residential property owners can apply for a stormwater utility credit using the application.  Only structural Best Management Practices (such as grass swales, retention ponds, vegetated buffer strips, etc.) are eligible for credits. Please contact the Public Works department at 757-514-7725 for more information. 

How do I pay?

Pay by mail, phone or online (