Suffolk Seaboard Coastline Trail

Once complete, the Suffolk Seaboard Coastline Trail will span approximately 20 miles of old railroad passes, connecting Chesapeake to Isle of Wight County via Suffolk. 

Complete trail segments are open daily from dawn until dusk. Parking and portable restrooms are available at the following trailheads:

  • Town Point Trailhead, Bromay Street
  • Driver Trailhead, Kings Highway
  • Suffolk Seaboard Station Railway Museum, Prentis Street
  • Suburban Trail, Suburban Drive


Prentis Street Multi-Use Path

Segment 2

Suburban Drive to Nansemond Parkway (fully constructed)

This leg of the trail extends from Suburban Drive to Nansemond Parkway; Approximately 1.5 miles. This segment has a trailhead at the Suburban Drive entrance. This segment connects multiple communities that are directly along the trail; and is on the direct path of Mack Benn JR. Elementary School.

Segment 4

Driver Village to Chesapeake City Line (fully constructed)

This segment of the trail at 3.5 miles long begins in the historic Driver Village and terminates at the Chesapeake City Line (Western Branch Area). Trailheads are located at the start and terminus of this segment.  Flowers, wildlife and a plethora of bird species are abundant along this gorgeous stretch of meandering trail that parallels farmland, open space and a seasonal farmers market in Driver. The Quaker Neck Bridge offers a perfect photo op for walkers, runners and cyclists!

SSCT Overall Map 11x17


Segment 1

Moore Ave to Suburban Drive (Not yet constructed)

This proposed 1.5 mile segment of the trail aligns primarily along the abandoned Seaboard Coastline rail bed. Beginning in Downtown Suffolk adjacent to the Historic Train Station, the proposed trail extends along a previously paved section of trail for approximately 300 yards near the Train Station on East Pinner Street. The proposed trail will continue northeast across Moore Avenue, and would bridge Shingle Creek to reach Suburban Drive at its intersection with Portsmouth Boulevard (U.S. 58/460). Crossing Portsmouth Boulevard, the trail will merge at the already constructed Suburban Drive segment. Phase I has been funded.

Segment 3A

Driver to Nansemond River High School (Not yet constructed)

This segment will extend the existing Seaboard Coastline an additional 1.75 miles from the Driver trailhead to Nansemond River High School. This segment is a continuation of a planned 11-mile trail. A 10-foot-wide asphalt trail, with 2-foot-wide gravel shoulders, will be constructed within an abandoned railroad right-of-way for approximately 1.5 miles south of Driver until it intersects with Nansemond Parkway. Pedestrian crossings at Kings Highway, Driver Lane, Bennett’s Pasture Road and Sleepy Hole Road are included. Phase III- A is fully funded.

Segment 3B

Nansemond Parkway at phase II Terminus to Cedar Shores (Not yet constructed)

This segment will extend the existing trail an additional 1.50 miles from the recently completed Seaboard Coastline Trail Segment 2 terminus at Nansemond Parkway to tie into the Cedar Lake Shores neighborhood at Pine Tree Way. A 10-foot-wide asphalt trail, with 2-foot-wide gravel shoulders, will be constructed within an abandoned railroad right-of-way. The alignment will include a pedestrian crossing at Nansemond Parkway, and trail head with parking and an overlook on the east side of Nansemond Parkway. The trail includes the appropriate signage and pavement markings as well as installation of a Bicycle Repair Station and Pedestrian Counter. This phase is not yet funded.  


Segment 3C

Seaboard West Segment

Pitchkettle Road to Kenyon Road (Not yet constructed)

This segment once fully constructed will complete the westward portion of the Suffolk Seaboard Coastline Trail and become the conduit for the Birthplace of America Trail to the South Hampton Roads Regional Trail. Approximately three miles in length, this segment will follow the abandoned railroad bed heading west into the growing Holland section of the city. Seaboard West is not yet funded.

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