Personal Property Tax Relief

2023 Tax Relief is 34%

Beginning in tax year 2006, qualifying vehicles with an assessed value of more than $1,000 shall be provided a percentage of tax relief, annually fixed and applied to the first $20,000 in value. Qualifying vehicles with a value under $1,000 will receive 100% tax relief. Your personal property tax bill will reflect whether or not your vehicle qualifies for relief, and will also reflect the amount of the relief.

Who Qualifies?

A vehicle must meet all three of the requirements below to qualify for tax relief. The vehicle must:

  • Be a passenger car, pickup or panel truck weighing less than 10,001 pounds, or motorcycle; and
  • Be (i) owned by a natural person or (ii) leased by a natural person under a contract requiring such person to pay the tangible personal property tax or (iii) held in a private trust for an individual beneficiary; and
  • Be used for non-business purposes.