The Developer Notification Tool is a weekly notification service offered to qualifying developers to advise of inspection and plan review services rendered on active projects still under the hourly billing rate. Developers will receive a weekly notice for each qualifying project that lists the date of service(s) and a description of the service(s) rendered for that week.

For Field Inspections Services

This service is specifically for projects that began construction prior to June 20, 2004. Projects after this date are currently billed at a flat rate for inspections and are not eligible for this service.

For Plan Review Service

This service is for projects with an existing Engineering Services Agreement in place for Engineering/Site/Erosion and Sediment Control Only Plans and Plats, which were submitted for review prior to July 1, 2011. Plans and Plats submitted after July 1, 2011 will be subject to a flat rate for plan review services and will not be eligible for this notification. It is important that all requested fields are populated to ensure that the necessary information is received to avoid a delay in receiving notifications.


Submit an application for the Developer Notification Tool.

Additional Information

Please contact Public Works Engineering at 757-514-7725 with any questions regarding this service.