Parks & Recreation

Department Closings/Postponements

  • Spring Sports: Adult and Youth-Cancaled
    • You will get a 100% refund and you will be receiving your refund check by mail
  • Family Bingo: March 27-canceled
  • Buttons and Bowties: March 21-canceled
  • Open Tennis/Pickleball-postponed until June 10th, unless other orders are in place
  • Tennis Lessons: Adult and Youth-postponed until June 10th, unless other orders are in place
  • All Recreation Centers- Closed
  • Before/After-school care- Closed
  • Art Gallery- Closed
  • Administration Office- Closed to the public
  • Cypress Park Pool- Delayed till June 13th, unless other orders are in place
  • Basketball Courts- All basketball courts are closed

Former Driver Transmitter Site

For more information on the "Community Outreach" click here.

Thank you for all of your comments and ideas for this project!

As a recipient of several state and national awards, the excellence that is exhibited in our Parks and Recreation facilities are rated second to none.  The City of Suffolk  Parks and Recreation Department is a fully accredited agency achieving 100% of the standards for best practices!  We officially join the ranks of one of the 100 best Parks and Recreation agencies in the nation!   

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