Parks & Recreation

As a reward recipient for several state and national awards, the excellence that is exhibited in our Parks and Recreation facilities are rated second to none.  NOW, the City of Suffolk of Parks and Recreation is a fully accredited agency achieving 100% of the standards for best practices!  we officially join the ranks of one of the 100 best Parks and Recreation agencies in the nation!  

The expansion of our trails, kayak launches, partnerships with Suffolk Public Schools for Joint Use Facilities and our increased number of parks has provided recreation for all of our citizens regardless of age.  We are not limited by the growth that is anticipated for our City, but our continued growth inspires us to become even more creative in providing more ways for citizens and visitors to #play4life.  

The citizens in Suffolk understand the value and benefits of recreation and parks, both in their personal lives and to our community as a whole. As Suffolk continues to grow and people continue to say YesSuffolk, we remain a desirable place to live, work, retire and play, and the commitment of our recreation and parks staff is one of the driving factors of this success!

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Highlight - Aquatics Center and Swimming Survey Results
Over 300 individuals completed surveys as a part of the Department's Aquatic Center Feasibility Study.  See the attached results here.  

A final report will be completed by the and end of the year and will include these survey results.