Adopt Program

The Adopt Program is a litter cleanup program that encourages individual responsibility for our environment through scheduled cleanups. This is a two year commitment where organizations, groups, businesses, families and individuals (18 years of age and older) agree to perform a minimum of one cleanup every season (four per year).

Public Works provides the equipment to assist with cleanups and collects the trash / debris afterwards.  After two years, if the minimum requirements are met, the adopting group may choose to renew their agreement.

Areas eligible for adoption on City Property include:

• Roads / Streets

• Parks

• Cemeteries

• Trails

• Waterways

To apply please complete the Adopt Program application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can adopt a street?
A: Groups, clubs, churches, schools, businesses, families and individuals are encouraged to participate.

Q: What streets can be adopted?
A: Any street within the city limits can be adopted. Check the map below to see if your street is available. If you don’t see it listed, feel free to contact us and ask about it. 

Q: What commitment must I make?
A: Each street adopted is an average of .5 miles. Participants must clean both sides of the street 4 times a year for 2 years.

Q: What safety equipment is provided?
A: The City provides safety vests, litter grabbers, road signs, gloves and trash bags for each cleanup. This equipment is picked up and returned to Public Works by a group volunteer.

Q: What do we do with the trash when we are done?
A: Our street crew will pick up the trash as soon as you report it to us.



Application Process

  1. Send your application to the Litter Control Office
  2. Application Approval - Once your application is approved by the litter control office, you will receive a welcome letter, a sign of recognition installed at your adopted location and a safety guide. We would like four cleanups a year, but require at least two.
  3. Schedule the Cleanup - A week before your chosen cleanup date, notify the litter control office and they will prepare: Litter Grabbers, Gloves, Safety Vests and Orange Trash Bags for collection.
  4. The Cleanup - Have fun, be safe and leave the filled orange trash bags in a safe and central location on your adopted area.
  5. Return the Equipment - Drop off the supplies, along with your Cleanup Report Card and let us know how many bags we need to collect.
  6. Be Proud - Enjoy the satisfaction that comes from knowing you did your part for our community. Please tell your friends, family and organizations about the programs.


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