Adopt-a-Street / Spot

The purpose of the program is to promote citizen participation and education in litter control and beautification. If you see a street, or public area (spot), a park, a trail that you would like to Adopt, then please contact the Litter Control Office.

Registration is free, easy and fast!

Application Process

  1. Send your application to the Litter Control Office
  2. Application Approval - Once your application is approved by the litter control office, you will receive a welcome letter, a sign of recognition installed at your adopted location and a safety guide. We would like four cleanups a year, but require at least two.
  3. Schedule the Cleanup - A week before your chosen cleanup date, notify the litter control office and they will prepare: Litter Grabbers, Gloves, Safety Vests and Orange Trash Bags for collection.
  4. The Cleanup - Have fun, be safe and leave the filled orange trash bags in a safe and central location on your adopted area.
  5. Return the Equipment - Drop off the supplies, along with your Cleanup Report Card and let us know how many bags we need to collect.
  6. Be Proud - Enjoy the satisfaction that comes from knowing you did your part for our community. Please tell your friends, family and organizations about the programs.