Geographic Information System

The City of Suffolk Geographic Information System (GIS) is being developed to allow its citizens and employees to make informed decisions regarding the future. The information contained in the GIS is allowing city departments to analyze the physical features that currently exist in the city prior to deciding to make changes to the facilities, services and infrastructure available. This ability to examine as many of the factors effecting development helps the city to make more informed decisions. The City of Suffolk GIS is being utilized by many of the city departments to support their daily activities.

Almost everything that the city does has some measure of "place", and can be represented in the City's Geographic Information System.

Real Estate Assessor's Office


Departmental Uses for GIS Information

Department Use of GIS Technology
Public Utilities
Examine the potential for new Water and Sewer service areas.
Public Works
Examine storm water runoff patterns and determine appropriate preventative measures.
Support the administration of the Unified Development Ordinance.
Maintain the Real Estate Tax Maps and Official Zoning Map.
Analyze Sales Ratio information to assure that assessments are fair and equitable.
Economic Development
Examine land available for development.
Economic Development
Attract new employers to the city using up to date information.
Public Safety
Identify hazards that exist in the City and develop mitigation plans accordingly.
Examine development potential and analyze appropriate development policy.