Mosquito Control

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Positive Mosquitoes Detected in Suffolk

West Nile Virus (WNV) Positive Mosquitoes

DateLocation Disease Detected in Mosquitoes 
7/7/2021Suffolk Fleet Management AreaWNV
7/13/2021Lakeside WNV
7/20/2021West JerichoWNV
7/21/2021Pleasant HillWNV
7/21/2021Burbage Grant 2 WNV
7/27/2021Lakeside WNV
8/3/2021Dumville WNV

Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) Positive Mosquitoes

Date Location Disease Detected in Mosquitoes 
6/16/2021Kempton Park EEE
7/8/2021Dayle AcresEEE
7/13/2021Lake KennedyEEE
7/20/2021Suburban Woods EEE
7/20/2021Hosier RoadEEE
7/20/2021JFK Middle SchoolEEE
7/21/2021Kempton Park EEE
7/27/2021Lake Kennedy EEE
7/28/2021Dayle AcresEEE
8/4/2021Dayle AcresEEE
8/4/2021Regency EstatesEEE