Physical Control

Limiting the breeding sites of mosquitoes through source reduction or tire collection is one from of physical control. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water pools and waste tires that collect water provide the perfect protected habitat that mosquitoes take advantage of for breeding. Collecting waste tires and recycling them at the SPSA Regional Landfill reduces mosquito habitats and in turn prohibits mosquitoes from reproducing and adding to the potential adult mosquito population (eliminating a potential threat).

Chemical & Microbial Control

Using mosquitocides to kill the current mosquito population is the most well known form of mosquito control. Technicians identify larval and pupal mosquito habitats by sampling stagnant water pools. If larvae or pupae are found in these habitats a suitable mosquitocide is placed in the water to exterminate the mosquitoes. The most familiar form of mosquito control is the truck driving down the road spraying a mist of adulticide from the truck bed.   

Adulticide Labels

Larvacide Labels