GIS Map & Data Request

Digital Map Data

Map Data
Topographic Data (File Set)
$500/set or $100/per layer
Orthophotography (Single Image)
$7851 (High Resolution)/$3821 (DTM)
Base Map (File Set)
$500/set or $100/per layer
Planimetrics (File Set)
$500/set or $100/per layer
Zoning (File Set)
$500/set or $100/per layer

Printed Map Products

Printed Map Sizes
8.5 inches x 11 inches (ANSI A) $3
11 inches x 17 inches (ANSI B) $5
17 inches x 22 inches (ANSI C) $10
22 inches x 34 inches (ANSI D) $10
24 inches x 48 inches or 24 inches x 60 inches $12
34 inches x 44 inches (ANSI E) $15
36 inches x 60 inches or 36 inches x 72 inches $15
Entire City Basemap $25
Entire City Aerial Image $50

Specialized Map Services

Specialized Services
Special Map Production Services (Per Hour)
Specialized Data Analysis Services (Per Hour)
Individual Orthophotography Tiles
1 - 5 tiles
6 - 10 tiles
* The Historic Commission decided that those who did the work without prior approval should pay a higher fee.
** Sub-division fee: Fee is consistent with zoning determination fee.
*** Funds collected through fee in lieu of mitigation would be pooled together from other various individual projects to allow for larger future wetlands mitigation projects for City/Wetlands board in the watershed.