Addition / Alteration - Commercial

Building Permit - Commercial

  • Bring in or mail a copy of the site plan
  • Bring or mail two sets of your building plans
  • The addition will require that the Plans Examiner review your building plans to ensure that all building codes are met
  • Fill out an Application for Services-Commercial form (PDF)
  • Bring or mail the completed Application for Services form along with the other required plans to Community Development
  • A Permit Technician will review the application. The Technician will determine if everything is in order
  • When the application has been approved, the Technician will determine the fees that are due
  • A fee schedule will be printed, at that time, the applicant will take the fee printout to the Treasurer's office to pay the permit fees. The Treasurer's office will provide a receipt upon payment.
  • Return to Community Development with the receipt, at that time the permit will be printed.