Approved Criteria

Building Permits New Construction Residential/Commercial Approval Criteria

APPROVAL CRITERIA. Section 31-302 of the Unified Development Ordinance. The following criteria shall be used to evaluate the zoning permit and building permit application:


The building plans and related diagrams and written information shall be provided in conformance with the Uniform Statewide Building Code.


The proposed building plans shall be in conformance with the land uses permitted in the zoning district in which the development project will be constructed.


The building plans shall be in conformance with all applicable regulations of this Ordinance and the conditions of any unexpired subdivision plat, site plan or conditional use permit applicable to the subject property.


Construction of required public improvements.


Prior to the acceptance of any public improvement by the City, the applicant shall provide the Director with sufficient testing data and certifications to determine that the improvements required by a site plan or subdivision plat have been properly constructed as depicted on the approved plan and to the standards prescribed by the City or other agency accepting the improvement. For single-family homes within an approved subdivision, the applicant shall, in lieu of the testing data and certification required above, provide the Director with a reference to the final plat for the lot subject to the zoning permit application. The cost of all testing and certification shall be borne by the applicant.


The City shall be furnished with permanent, blackline, reproducible record drawings of public improvements constructed.


A site plan showing lot grading must be submitted with the zoning/building permit application for residential use. This plan must be in accordance with the drainage plan approved by the City. In the event that previously approved drainage plans do not exist, plans shall be prepared in accordance with the lot grading standards established by the Department of Public Works.




A zoning permit authorizes the applicant to apply for and/or receive a building permit or an erosion and sedimentation control permit. A zoning permit shall not be deemed to authorize construction or development unless and until any required building permit or erosion and sedimentation control permit has been lawfully issued.


The zoning permit shall be valid for the use for which the zoning permit was granted, as long as the use is in compliance with applicable codes, providing that construction commences within two (2) years of issuance of the zoning permit. A new zoning permit and any applicable fee shall be required for any approved project that did not commence construction within that two (2) year period.