Suffolk Transit

As a division of the Department of Public Works, Suffolk Transit provides safe, cost-efficient fixed route transit services to Suffolk's core Downtown service area. It also provides fixed route transit services in the Northern Suffolk area as well as providing a connection from Downtown to HRT in the Chesapeake Square area before continuing on to the North Suffolk Library. Suffolk Transit is funded through the City of Suffolk's Transit Fund to provide fixed route and paratransit service to the current service area. In January 2012, Suffolk Transit was formed utilizing Virginia Regional Transit (VRT) as the City's service provider. As the City's partner and contractor, VRT provides the operational staff and support for the system and they work closely with City staff to provide the best transit experience possible.
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Route Tracking & Trip Planning

Suffolk Transit is excited to announce that we have partnered with ETA Transit Services in order to allow our riders the ability to plan their trips and to track their buses in real time. Through our SPOT Web Portal, you will be able to plan your trip, using the Trip Planner, monitor the location of your Suffolk Transit bus, to ensure that it is running on time and monitor messages, for important announcements. The SPOT Web Portal will also allow you to get some information about the stops in the Suffolk Transit system. You can access the SPOT Web Portal at


SPOT is also available as an app for iPhone and Android operating systems. The SPOT app allows for access to real-time bus information, stop information and it displays alert messages. The app can be found by opening the SPOT Web Portal or by searching ETA SPOT in your App Store.


This service is new and developing. Please continue to keep checking back for additional updates and developing features.

Paratransit Services

All buses are equipped with bicycle racks, seat belts and wheelchair lifts for handicapped or mobility impaired individuals. A Paratransit service is offered for those individuals who have a temporary or permanent disability that would not allow them to take advantage of our regular route service.

Bus Route Schedules