Plan Review - Building Plan Minimum Submission Requirements

When applying for a permit, you must submit two hard copies  or a digital copy of plans for the review process. Plans must clearly illustrate the nature of all of the work to be performed.
  1. Completed Application for Services
  2. Code year used for the design.
  3. Name, address, contact information and occupation of the building designer (if not sealed)
  4. Project name, address of the building.
  5. Sealed Truss(floor and/or roof) plans (layouts and profiles), All Engineered Wood Products layouts and profiles (LVL, I-joists, structural posts, shear/strong wall products , if applicable)

Commercial Construction

  1. Completed Application for Services - Commercial (PDF)
  2. For structural work, a completed Hampton Roads Statement of Special Inspections.
  3. Signed and sealed energy documents (building envelope, mechanical, interior and exterior lighting) by Comcheck or  ASHRAE 90.1 for the applicable code year.
  4. MEPs are not to be a deferred submittal and shall be submitted with building plan review.
  5. Phased work shall be communicated at the start of the project.
  6. If the addition or modification defines as a “Change of Occupancy”, a summary shall be provided indicating the complete occupant load for the entire building shall be provided and a new Certificate of Occupancy will be issued
  7. The plans are required to be sealed in accordance with 54.1-402 of the Code of Virginia (attached). The Building Official or designee may also require plans to be sealed depending on the nature or scope of the project.

Residential Construction

  1. Completed Application for Services - Residential (PDF)
  2. For a new single family dwelling, a completed Hampton Roads Plan Review Checklist
  3. For a new single family dwelling Model home, a completed SFD Model Request form
  4. Wall bracing method and worksheet. Must comply with R602 of the Virginia Residential Code (VRC).
  5. Plans showing Wall section(s), Elevations, Roof plans, footing and foundation (girders, joists, spans), floor plan showing use of rooms, label egress windows, location of smoke detectors at a minimum.