Requirements for Sheds Less Than 256 Sq Ft, Section 31-701 of the Unified Development Ordinance

(1)Detached accessory buildings shall not be located in the required front yard. Detached accessory buildings may be built in the required rear yard but such accessory buildings shall not occupy more than thirty (30%) percent of the required rear yard and shall not be closer than 5 feet to any side or rear lot line or setback line.

(2) Should the accessory building be located within the side yard, said building shall meet all required side yard regulations of the applicable zoning district.

(3) Accessory buildings shall not exceed the height regulations of the zoning district within any part of the buildable lot area or exceed by 25% the height of the dwelling, whichever is less.

(4) Accessory buildings on through lots shall not be closer to either street than a distance equal to the required front yard of such lot.

Permit Requirements for Sheds Less Than 256 Sq Ft

  • Requires a zoning permit - no building permit required
  • A copy of your survey
  • Fill out an application for services
  • If you are on a septic system, a health evaluation form will be required from the Health Department