About the Department

Suffolk Police Careers
The City of Suffolk is comprised of 430 square miles with rural, suburban, and urban areas. The Suffolk Police Department is charged with providing policing services to the entire city. In order to maintain the high level of service, the Department is allocated 200 full-time sworn personnel, divided between uniform patrol, investigations, administration and the professional standards division.

For patrol purposes, the City is divided into 17 zones or areas of responsibility. Sector I contains 10 zones and Sector II contains seven. Each patrol officer is assigned to a specific zone, which may encompass several neighborhoods and/or business districts. The officers develop a sense of responsibility for their assigned areas and develop partnerships with the citizens who reside and/or work within it.
Each year the Suffolk Police Department compiles information and develops reports for the previous year. The annual report focuses and highlights various activities within the department, the community and our accomplishments during the year. The crime statistics report details actual reported incidents during the year.