Inspections: Single Family Residence

General Notes
Inspection request must be made by 3:30 pm in order to be placed on the following day's work schedule.  Next day inspections are not guaranteed. To request an inspection click here.

Setback Inspection
Set backs are to be in accordance with zoning requirements for the parcel. Set back inspections are in conjunction with footing inspections and shall be inspected prior to the placement of concrete. 

Footing Inspection

All perimeter trenches and piers footings shall be cleaned of all debris, vegetation and roots. They shall also be clear of water and muck with grade stakes in place. 

Plumbing Slab Inspection

All sewer and water lines shall be uncovered and under the required water head for test.

Building Slab Inspection

Area for slab shall be clear of all vegetation, topsoil, and debris. Backfill shall be clear of all vegetation and foreign material and compacted to assure uniform support of the slab. An approved vapor barrier with joints lapped no less than 6 inches shall be in place and all required perimeter insulation shall be installed.

Foundation Inspection

The box (i.e. sills, anchorage, girders, floor joists) shall be in place without sheathing/decking. Inspection shall also include load bearing piers, foundation walls, reinforcement, pier cap requirements and grading of crawl space. 

Sheathing Inspections

This is a nail off inspection of exterior wall sheathing to ensure proper type and installation of fasteners.

Air Barrier Inspection

This inspection requires all windows, doors and air barrier to be properly installed and sealed.

Rough-In Trade Inspections

Upon completion of all framing and dry in phase, the following inspections are required in no particular order:
  • Mechanical Rough-in
  • Electrical Rough-in
  • Plumbing Rough-in
  • Gas Pressure Test
**A Mechanical Duct Seal Inspection is required prior to the Rough-ins if this option was selected on the permit application.

Framing Inspection

Upon approval of all trade rough-ins, the framing inspection shall be requested. All fireplaces and chimneys should be installed at this time or a separate inspection for the fireplaces and chimneys will need to be required.

Insulation Inspection

Upon approval of the framing inspection, the insulation shall be inspected and approved prior to covering.  

Sewer & Water Inspection

This inspection may be requested at any time during the construction process, but is usually scheduled for inspection during the Rough-in phase of construction.

Final Trade Inspections

The following series of inspections will be required in no particular order:
  • Mechanical Final
  • Electrical Final
  • Plumbing Final
  • Gas Final

Final Building Inspection

Upon approval of the final trade inspections, a building final inspection shall be requested. If the site is on a private septic system and/or well, an approval from the Health Department must be received in this office prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy. If Special or Third Party Inspections apply, a Final Statement of Special Inspections is required to be submitted prior to the building final inspection being scheduled.