Excuse from Service

If you think you cannot serve Jury Duty and you have a legitimate reason to be excused or deferred, or if you need only to be excused from certain days within the service dates, please contact the Chief Deputy Clerk prior to your jury date or as soon as dates are known, by phone at 514-7815, by fax 514-7104 or by email.

Medical Excuses from Service

If you have a serious medical problem, which would prohibit you from serving at any time during this term, or would make jury service unreasonably difficult or inconvenient, please secure a doctor's statement and have it mailed or delivered to the Clerk of the Circuit Court. The Clerk cannot contact your doctor.

Temporary Excuses from Service

Please visit our secure juror portal for more information about your service. You will be able to view upcoming service dates and you may send a request for exclusions or a deferment for court's approval in the ‘My Service' section under the main menu. During your term, you will also be able to print letters for your employer and look for changes made in upcoming service dates.