Comprehensive Planning

We are currently updating the City's Comprehensive Plan!
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"Our comprehensive plan is a shared vision for the future of our community. It is meant to be aspirational and inspirational. It is also practical. How should our community grow and develop? How do we accommodate new development and redevelopment, maintain public facilities and infrastructure, and provide services as growth occurs, while maintaining a high quality of life for our residents? This is our plan to do that. 

The 2035 Comprehensive Plan is the third iteration in this family of comprehensive plans. The first was the 2018 Comprehensive Plan, which was originally adopted in 1998 and provided the foundation for Suffolk's growth management system. The Comprehensive Plan for 2026, completed in 2006, served as the second iteration of this plan and refined and enhanced the City's Focused Growth Strategy. That system has evolved with each update and continues to serve the City well. This update reinforces a strong and successful tradition. 

This plan is intended to guide and assist the City staff, public, development community, City Council, Planning Commission, and other officials in decisions related to development, redevelopment, growth, preservation, and the provision of public services through the year 2035. The elements of this plan establish policy statements to guide decisions about growth, housing availability, transportation, public facilities and services, and the preservation and enhancement of natural and cultural resources. 

This plan is to be implemented through the City's land use regulations, capital facility planning, discussions by City Council and Planning Commission, and day-to-day administration of related planning policies and regulations."

-2035 Comprehensive Plan, page 1.

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