Tennis Coach

Janice Henderson grew up in Lakewood, NJ. While playing collegiate tennis she earned her bachelor degree in Health Administration, minored in Music Science from Upsala University. Before coming to Virginia in 2000, Janice managed a tennis and racquet ball club where she meet Martina Navratilova, Rafael Nadel as a junior player. Moving to Virginia she continued captaining which took her to USTA districts division twice in 2001 and 2002. Janice strongly believes in developing and preparing her students for life. Whether that is a collegiate future, a professional career in tennis or a professional career outside of tennis, Janice provides the tools necessary for students to gain experience and mature as individuals. Her tennis programs are a careful balance of technical, tactical, mental and physical training. She believes in designing personalized programs that consist of a strategic balance of tennis skills and physical training.
Janice Henderson