Child ID & Fingerprinting

The Suffolk Sheriff's Office Child Identification Program is a service provided to the citizens of the City of Suffolk free of charge for the protection of our most valuable asset, our children.

The ID card includes Child's Photo, Fingerprints, Name, Address, and Date of Birth. The parents or guardians are presented the ID and specific instructions on storage. This form could be instrumental in the recovery of a lost child.


You should include a complete description of your child. The description should include:
Child ID Example
  • Date of Birth
  • Eye color
  • Glasses
  • Hair color/style
  • Health concerns or blood type
  • Height
  • Identifying marks such as tattoos or piercings
  • Name
  • Nickname
  • Sex
  • Weight


Photo Identification

Families should have current photos of their children. The photo should:
  • Be in a digital format and able to be quickly accessed at all times.
  • Be updated at least every six months. Be kept in a safe and readily accessible place.
  • Capture the way the child really looks.
  • Show the child's full face in color.

Information Collected

We capture photographs, fingerprints and other pertinent data, and we provide; a form with all the data. You keep the form in a safe place in the unfortunate event it is needed. All of the identifying information collected at the event about the participant is given to the family. We ensure that we capture all the vital information required by the Amber Alert system.

Our EZ child ID form includes all 10 fingerprints. To help protect from identity theft, our software was written so that no information from the child is saved on the computer. Once you start over, all of the data is permanently erased. The parent is the only person who retains their child's information.

DNA Sample Collection

To collect a DNA sample from your child in the morning before they have had anything to drink or eat. First take clean Q-Tip and swab the inside of their cheek and let it air dry. Place the swab in a zip lock bag and keep together with the fingerprint card so that all the information is together if needed.

To receive a free Child ID fingerprint form for a child or check the schedule of events, please contact the Sheriff's Office at 757-514-7840 or check our Facebook page for upcoming events.