North Suffolk Connector Study


 We submitted the project for scoring and funding in the Smart Scale program in 2016 and 2018.  It failed to score high enough to be awarded any funding.  We are currently reviewing the project for refinements and possible resubmission in the next cycle for consideration.


 This new connection will provide an unimpeded route between Shoulders Hill Road and Nansemond Parkway to maintain adequate traffic flow between northern Suffolk and the Downtown Suffolk urban core. The North Suffolk Connector was identified as a solution for by-passing the at-grade rail crossings on Nansemond Parkway and Shoulders Hill Road. The total length of the project is 1.64 miles. The project will include a new roadway alignment with a posted speed limit of 45 mph connecting Nansemond Parkway to Shoulders Hill Road west of the existing rail line. The new roadway alignment will consist of a two lane undivided highway; dedicated turn lanes at each intersection; a new bridge crossing Quaker Neck Creek; drainage and stormwater management improvements; ADA sidewalk improvements, including an asphalt multi-use path; and pavement marking, signalization, and lighting enhancements throughout the corridor.

Project Manager:   Darryll D. Lewis

Phone: 757-514-7683