Shoulders Hill Road / Route 17 Bridge Road


Contractor selected.  Construction is scheduled to begin early 2024.

The proposed intersection improvement project will provide for the widening of Route 17 from four to six lanes from approximately 2,000 feet west of the intersection to approximately 3,300 feet east of the intersection and the widening of Shoulders Hill Road from two to four lanes to approximately 1500 feet south of the intersection. 
 Additionally, minor improvements on Knotts Neck Road will extend approximately 300 feet north of the intersection. The project will also include construction of triple left turn lanes from westbound Route 17 onto Shoulder’s Hill Road; free flow right turn lane from northbound Shoulders Hill Road onto Route 17; additional right and left turn lanes on Route 17; left turn lane on Shoulders Hill Road; and a shared right and left turn with through lane on Knotts Neck Road. Other improvements include traffic signal upgrades, installation of storm water management facilities and stormwater system improvements, curb and gutter, raised median, street lighting, sidewalks and other related items.



Preliminary Engineering:  $2,190,929    

Right of Way Acquisition: $10,239,534

Construction:                    $16,711,106 

Total Budget:                  $29,141,569


Right of Way complete - Fall 23

Construction: Winter 2023 to Summer 2025

Plan Set