Tier II Reporting


SARA Title III was enacted by U.S. Congress in 1986 in response to an incident in India in which 2500 people were killed by a chemical release. The purpose behind SARA Title III/EPCRA has been to create a cooperative relationship among government, business, and the public involving all of them in the effort to prevent, to plan, to prepare for, and to manage chemical emergencies.


This law sets requirements for facilities that manufacture, process, or store certain hazardous or toxic chemicals, of certain threshold levels on-site to report annually to state and local governments and to report any accidental releases on a timely basis. The information submitted by facilities provided the basis for community right-to-know and local emergency planning and preparedness.

Tier II Cycle

The Tier II cycle runs from January 1 through March 31 of each year. Reports may be submitted to the Suffolk LEPC as well as Suffolk Fire and Rescue as a PDF document by Email to Deputy Chief James B. Spicer.

The receipt of your Tier II report will be acknowledged by return email.

If you prefer, you may submit your tier II report by mail.

More Information

For more information regarding Tier II reporting or the Suffolk LEPC call the Emergency Management Coordinator at 757-514-4532