Auxiliary Grants

An Auxiliary Grant (AG) provides an income supplement to recipients of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and certain other aged, blind or disabled individuals residing in an assisted living facility (ALF) licensed by the Division of Licensing Programs or in an adult foster care home approved by the individual’s local Department of Social Services (DSS).

The financial assistance is to ensure that adults are able to maintain a standard of living that meets a basic level of need such as room and board, maintenance and care.

How Does it Work?

Before an individual is admitted, the person is assessed by the local DSS to determine their eligibility and the appropriate level of care. Please note that not all ALFs accept Auxiliary Grant recipients.*

More Information

For more information on Auxiliary Grants you may visit or call the Suffolk Department of Social Services. You may also visit the Virginia Department of Social Services Website.

*To find out which ALFs accept Auxiliary Grant recipients please visit the Virginia Department of Social Services Website.