Candidate Resources & Requirements

Candidate Filing Information

November 7, 2023 General Election Candidate Packets will be available at the City of Suffolk Voter Registration Office beginning January 3, 2023. Non-Party Local Office Candidates should file all completed paperwork through the City of Suffolk Voter Registration Office. Primary candidates should see the Candidate Bulletin for applicable deadlines and submission requirements. Candidate forms are also available to print on the Virginia Department of Elections website

Election Calendars and Schedules


Candidates for office must meet certain qualifications and are required to file specific documents in order to qualify to appear on the ballot. These qualifications and requirements may vary slightly depending on whether the office sought is a local office, a general assembly seat, a statewide office, or a federal office. Generally, all candidates must meet the following minimum qualifications:
  • A candidate must be qualified to vote for and to hold the office being sought.
  • A candidate must have been a resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia for at least one year immediately preceding the election.

State Requirements

Citizens who are interested in running for state or local offices in Virginia, should start by downloading the appropriate Candidate Information Bulletin from the State Board of Elections website to get information about qualifications for a particular office, filing requirements and deadlines, where to file the required forms and documents and other information about running for a particular office. All candidates for office must also comply with state laws regarding campaign finance and advertising.

Candidate information, forms, and reports may also be obtained by contacting:
Virginia State Board of Elections
1100 Bank Street
1st Floor
Richmond, VA 23219
Phone: 804-864-8901
Toll-free in Virginia: 800-552-9745
Fax: 804-371-0194

Political Signs

City of Suffolk candidates who wish to post political signs must comply with the City of Suffolk's Sign Ordinance, Chapter 9.5 of Title 24.2, Code of Virginia, and Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) regulations. To obtain more information, contact the Department of Planning and Community Development.

Please be advised that political signs are now categorized in the City of Suffolk Municipal Code as Temporary Signs and can be posted for 90 days. The Zoning Administrator shall have the authority to remove and dispose of any sign determined to be in violation of this Ordinance located upon public property.

Party Candidates

City of Suffolk residents who are seeking to be a nominee of either the Democratic or Republican Party should contact the local committee for party regulations and activities.

The City of Suffolk Democratic Committee

Party Chair: Leslie Renaldi 
P. O. Box 3458
Suffolk, VA 23434

The City of Suffolk Republican Committee
Party Chair: Dawn Jones
P. O. Box 699
Portsmouth, VA 23705


Petitions require a minimum number of certified voters.
Office Number of Signatures
City Council 125
Clerk of Court 125
Commissioner of Revenue 125
Commonwealth's Attorney 125
House of Delegates 125
Mayor 500 (must include a minimum of
50 signatures from each borough)
School Board 125
Sheriff 125
Soil and Water Commission 25
State Senate 250
Treasurer 125

Additional Information

For further information and forms, visit the Virginia Department of Elections website.