Wetlands Board Review Process

The Joint Permit Application (JPA) will be reviewed by the Suffolk Wetlands Board for completeness and to determine whether a permit is required from the Wetlands Board. If a permit is not required from the Wetlands Board a letter will be issued notifying the applicant or their designated agent.

Proposed activities within the Suffolk Wetlands Board's jurisdiction (tidal wetlands) require a public hearing to obtain Wetlands Board approval prior to commencing with the project (in addition to all other required permits from federal and state agencies). The Suffolk Wetlands Board has created an Application Checklist (PDF) of necessary information before the Board will decide on an application.

The Wetlands Board will visit the project site before construction commences. The project will then be scheduled for a public hearing. During the hearing the Wetlands Board may approval, deny, make modifications to a permit request, or may require that certain conditions be met for approval. A copy of the Wetlands Permit is required on site during construction.

Permit fees for projects requiring a public hearing before the Wetlands Board are $262.50. Permit fees for after-the-fact projects are $315 (additional civil penalties may be imposed by the Wetlands Board for the violation).

This amount includes the cost of advertising the proposed project in the public notice section of the local newspaper. Suffolk Wetlands Board permits are typically valid for 1 year from the date of approval. Permit expiration dates may be extended by the Wetlands Board upon written request. All extension requests must be received prior to the expiration date.

Please Provide Advance Notification to the Suffolk Planning Department

  • 48 hours prior to beginning your permitted project
  • If your project involves backfill behind structures
  • 48 hours after completing your permitted project
  • Neglecting to provide notice of work is a violation of the permit

In Addition, Your Project May Require Authorization or a Permit From One or More of the Following