Personal Property Taxes

Delinquent Personal Property Taxes

If you are paying delinquent Personal Property Taxes in order to conduct business at the DMV, please Email the Treasurer or call 757-514-4275 after you have made your payment to confirm the block has been removed.

Personal Property Tax Rates for 2022 Per $100 of Assessed Value

Type Tax Rate
$0.58 No
Boats $1.50 No
Cars, Motorcycles, Trucks, and Trailers $4.25 Yes
Manufactured Homes $1.11 Yes
Recreational Vehicles $1.50 Yes

Machinery & Tools

$3.15 based on 20% of cost first 5 years, and $3.15 based on 10% of cost after 5 years

Motor Vehicles

All motor vehicles (including cars, trucks, motor homes and motorcycles), boats, airplanes, trailers and manufactured homes garaged in the City of Suffolk are subject to personal property taxes. Motor vehicles are valued by the NADA Official Used Car Guide clean loan value as of January 1. Boats are valued by the ABOS Marine Blue Book Low Value as of January 1.

Rates Effective

Rates effective through June 30, 2022 

Due Date

Personal Property Taxes are due by December 5th of each year.