What Are My Obligations as a Property Owner in the Historic District?
Please maintain your property! The Historic Landmarks Commission (HLC) has the right to notify an owner of a building in the Historic Area that is not being preserved against decay, deterioration and structural defects. The owner may be required to appear before the HLC to discuss the situation. Also, consult with the Planning Division before making any exterior changes that may require a review. Any unauthorized activity could result in enforcement action being taken by City Zoning Officials. Ultimately, an owner could be required, at their own expense, to correct any feature which has been altered and does not conform to the Historic Guidelines.

For owners interested in rehabilitating their properties the City of Suffolk also gives a partial real estate tax exemption for qualifying properties. The initial increase in the real estate assessment caused by the rehabilitation will be excused for 10 years. Contact the City Assessor's Office at 514-7475 for more information.

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