What are the City's bidding requirements?
- Using Agencies have the authority to purchase goods or services up to $5,000 in accordance with the provisions of the Delegation of Procurement Authority section of the Procurement Manual. Buyers must obtain a minimum of 1 written quote. Agencies should check annual contract listing prior to the purchase.
- For purchases exceeding $5,000 to $50,000 the Using Agency has procurement authority but must obtain pricing from a minimum of four sources and buyers are encouraged to seek out a minimum of 2 minority or woman owned businesses for these transactions.
- Goods and services costing more than $50,000 usually require a formal sealed bid or proposal process.
- Professional services costing more than $50,000 usually require a formal sealed bid.

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1. What do I need to do to be added to the City's Vendor Database?
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5. What are the City's bidding requirements?
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21. Who originates the requirement for Request for Bid or Request for Proposal?
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