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State Income Tax

State Income

Virginia Individual Income Tax returns must be filed annually on or before May 1; however, there is no penalty for refund returns filed after the due date. It is the responsibility of the Commissioner of the Revenue's Office to review and process individual state tax returns for Suffolk City residents. Each return is reviewed for completeness and accuracy.

Local Assistance

The Commissioner of the Revenue's Office offers local assistance in filing the Virginia Resident, Part Year Resident and Nonresident returns for the Suffolk City residents who visit or call our office. Our staff will assist in amending your tax return if necessary. There is no charge and no appointment is necessary.

Our staff serves as a liaison for citizens dealing with correspondence received from the Virginia Department of Taxation.

If you need forms or assistance, you may contact or visit one of our offices.

FAQ's Regarding State Income Tax for filing year: 2016

Do I need to file a Virginia Income Tax return?
Answer: You must file a Virginia Income Tax return if you are:

  • Single and your Virginia Adjusted Gross Income (VAGI) is $11,950 or more
  • Married filing jointly and combined VAGI is $23,900 or more
  • Married filing separately and your VAGI is $11,950 or more

Can I get an extension?
Answer: Yes, all Virginia state taxpayers can qualify for an automatic six month extension for filing income tax returns by following the instructions below.

  • No application for an extension is required.
  • You must pay at least 90% of your tax due by the original due date using a voucher, Form 760IP.
  • If you file your return within the extension date, and you did not pay at least 90% of your tax due, you will be subject to an extension penalty of 2% per month. The extension penalty is applied to the balance of the tax that was due in accordance with the due date through the date the return is filed. The maximum extension penalty is 12%.
  • If you file more than six-months after the original due date, the extension will not apply, and you will be subject to the late filing penalty of 6% of the tax due per month or part of a month, not to exceed 30%.
  • Interest will be charged on the tax due amount, even if you meet the 90% payment requirement for returns with an automatic six-month extension.

What are the due dates for estimated tax payments?
Answer: Estimated tax payments are due on the following dates:


Voucher #1 On or before May 1
Voucher #2 June 15
Voucher #3 September 15
Voucher #4 January 15


Taxpayers who make estimated tax payments are required to file Form 760ES Voucher 1 annually on or before May 1 with the Commissioner of the Revenue's Office. All subsequent payments are sent to the Treasurer of the City of Suffolk and should be filed in accordance with due date on the respective voucher.

I filed my individual income tax return with the Commissioner of the Revenue and I owe taxes. Can I make partial payments to the City Treasurer?
Answer: Yes. Partial payments are accepted until the end of the year provided you have executed an agreement with the City Treasurer's Office. However, please note that entering into an agreement does not relieve penalty and interest assessed by the State.

What happens if my account is not paid off at the end of the year?
Answer: All payments are transmitted to the Department of Taxation to update individual records. Collection procedures are then handled at the state level.

I've recently received a letter from the Department of Taxation regarding a past due balance. Can I make payment arrangements with the City Treasurer's Office?
Answer: No. The City Treasurer's office only accepts payments for current year estimated taxes and any balance due from the previous year. If you have received a letter from the Department of Taxation, you must contact them directly.

Tips on How to Complete Your Virginia Income Tax Return

For Federal Income Tax information, please contact the I.R.S. at 1-800-829-1040 or visit the Internal Revenue Service Web Site. For Federal Income Tax local assistance information, click here.

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