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Court Docket/Case Information

This page utilizes a function on a website outside of the direct control of the Suffolk Commonwealth's Attorney's Office. You may obtain information about specific Circuit Court and General District Court cases online. Please note that information about Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court cases are not available online.

animated gavel For information on JDR cases, contact the JDR Clerk's Office. In order to access the Court Dockets of the various Suffolk Courts, please select one of the following two links: General District Court Dockets -or- Circuit Court Dockets

On the Case Information website, find the Suffolk Court in which the case will be heard. For Circuit Court, you can either type in the defendant's name or the indictment number. You may also select either Criminal or Civil Court, however, the system defaults to Criminal. The choices are located above where the name is entered. After typing in the defendant's name, a list of cases will appear. Click on the case number in the left hand column to find out more details about each case. The form should have the time, date and type (trial, sentencing, etc.) of the next hearing. General District Court information may be obtained in the same way, however, your choices will include Traffic, Criminal and Civil. In this location, you must choose one of the three choices before you type the name of the defendant.

Phone IMPORTANT: On the Evening before you come to Court, call 514-4366 to find out if your case will be heard.

The Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney - Victim/Witness Division maintains an after-hours DOCKET INFORMATION HOTLINE. All witnesses are advised to call the HOTLINE after 5:00 pm on the day before their court date. If the case in which you are to appear has been moved to a different date, the hotline will give that information. We will also make every attempt to contact you personally if there has been a change in the court date. You are welcome to call Victim/Witness at 514-4366 during regular business hours (8:30 am to 5:00 pm) with any questions about your case, or your rights as a victim or witness.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Cell phones with cameras are not permitted in the Godwin Courts Building!
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