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Office Overview

The Suffolk Commonwealth's Attorney's Office takes great pride in the people who represent our community in the prosecution of those who choose to violate our laws. Our prosecutors have over 250 years of combined legal experience and are not only outstanding lawyers, but also possess the personal qualities that the citizens of Suffolk have come to expect from its public servants.

This office is comprised of six teams, each with unique responsibilities:

Management, Leadership, and Support Team

This team is comprised of the Commonwealth's Attorney, Deputy Commonwealth's Attorneys, Chief Administrative Manager, Community Outreach Coordinator, and the Victim/Witness Director. This team provides leadership, administration and management support for the entire organization.

General District Team

Thomas G. Shaia Matthew A. Glassman This team is comprised of two Deputy Commonwealth's Attorneys, Thomas G. Shaia and Matthew A. Glassman and six Assistant Commonwealth's Attorneys, secretarial and paralegal support staff. This team handles all adult crime cases that begin in the General District Court, including capital murder, all drug offenses, welfare fraud, property crimes, all criminal misdemeanors, as well as traffic offenses. In addition, this court conducts preliminary hearings in felony crime cases to review evidence in deciding whether to refer the matter to a grand jury for indictment and trial in Circuit Court. This team handles all criminal cases in Circuit Court following those indictments. Defendants are entitled to jury trials in Circuit Court. Members of the General District Team include: Thomas G. Shaia, Matthew A. Glassman, Vaughn T. Breedlove, George W. Bruch, F. Jefferson James, Susan H. Walton, Narendra Pleas, Heather Emmert, and Andre' D. Wiggins.

Juvenile Team

Marie 0224_2.jpgThis team is comprised of Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney Marie T. Walls, three Assistant Commonwealth's Attorneys, secretarial and paralegal support staff. The Juvenile Team is responsible for the prosecution of all crimes committed by and against juveniles (persons under the age of 18), and certain domestic violence cases. Offenders tried under the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Court face a range of dispositions from probation to confinement in juvenile facilities. Special emphasis is placed on the prosecution of violent crimes by juveniles and on cases of domestic violence. Serious offenses committed by juveniles age 14 and over may be transferred to Circuit Court where the offender may face adult punishment. Such cases are carefully scrutinized individually by the Commonwealth's Attorney to determine whether transfer is appropriate. Members of the Juvenile Team include: George Bruch, Michael P. Mullin, and Meredith Travers.

Administrative Team

Williams_Karen.jpgThis team is comprised of the Chief Administrative Manager Karen H. Williams, eight full-time Legal Assistants, two part-time Legal Assistants, four Victim/Witness Service Employees, and one Community Outreach Coordinator. With over thirty years of management experience, Karen Williams oversees, directs, and manages all administrative support to the Commonwealth’s Attorney that may involve confidential information relating to Human Resources matters, financial, budgetary, and accounting issues, compiling reports, responding to correspondence, and other legal documents as required. The Administrative Team is responsible for providing legal support to fourteen office attorneys, assisting victims and witnesses as needed, as well as educating the citizens of Suffolk to prevent crime. Members of the Administrative Team include:  Chief Administrative Manager Karen H. Williams, FT Legal Assistants Virginia Atkins, Sandra Butler, Lindsey Butts, Elizabeth Duke, Treva Stokes, Sarah Gardner, Janice Smith, Glenda Taylor, and PT Legal Assistant Dorothy Alphin. Victim/Witness Director Diane Bryant, Victim/Witness Assistant Directors Sonya Abbott, Brittany Landon Sharon M. Smith, Victim/Witness Program Assistants Angela Owen and Katherine Gray.

Victim/Witness Services Support Team

Diane Bryant

This team is comprised of a Director, Diane Bryant, three Assistant Directors, and two Program Assistants. One Assistant Director is assigned to the General District Court and one Assistant Director is assigned to the Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court to assist the prosecutor and act as a liaison between victims, witnesses and various agencies and personnel within the criminal justice system. To learn more about this team, you are invited to visit the extended Suffolk Victim/Witness Services Web Site. Members of the Victim Witness Services Team include: Director Diane Bryant, Assistant Directors Sonya Abbott, Brittany Landon and Sharon M. Smith, Program Assistant Angela Owen, and part-time Program Assistant Katherine Gray.

Criminal Investigation Team

Neil BooneFormer Suffolk Police Detective Neil Boone is the Chief Investigator for the Suffolk Commonwealth's Attorney's Office. With over 17 years experience in the criminal justice field, he provides investigative support to all prosecution teams. Investigator Boone does follow-up investigations to police cases as well as a limited number of original investigations. In addition, he provides assistance in locating missing witnesses, conducting witness interviews and testifying before the Grand Jury. He is assisted by three part-time investigators: John J. Marx, Jr., John K. Cooke and Walter Joyner. All are retired police officers with a combined total of 120 years in law enforcement.

Community Outreach Team

Joan Jones Joan Turner is the Community Outreach Coordinator for the Suffolk Commonwealth's Attorney's Office. She creates, organizes, coordinates, schedules and conducts educational and informational outreach to the community including schools, churches, fraternal organizations and other groups on behalf of the Suffolk Commonwealth's Attorney's Office. Personnel in the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office are available to appear as speakers on areas in which they have particular expertise.

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