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CAPER 2016-2017 Draft


Section 31-714 (b)(9) Temporary signs/banner signs (For a special civic, cultural, or religious event)


Section 31-714 (b)(10)Special event signs, temporary signs/banner signs (For special events, grand openings and the like) as allowed by the Zoning Administrator for special events, grand openings and the like are now permitted up to three (3) times per calendar year not to exceed a total of thirty (30) days per event, on site only.


Section 31-714 (b)(8)Decorative flags – Two (2) decorative flags not to exceed 24 square feet that do not contain a commercial message or depict any particular product, service or business may be displayed per premise and must be attached to a pole and a building wall, porch or deck.


Section 31-714 (b)(15)Banners (Annual) – One (1) special promotion banners are permitted and but cannot solely advertise a business name and/or logo with an annual permit indicating the size, area, proposed location, material, manner of fastening and total building length fronting a public street. A banner may be changed to another banner without a permit so long as it is displayed in the same location and same manner as indicated on the initial permit and adheres to the maximum sign are requirement. Any banner installed without prior approval by the Zoning Administrator shall constitute a violation. The banner must be vinyl or other high durable material and maintained in a state of good repair and be securely affixed to a building wall or window or other permanent structure. No banner shall be hung between a freestanding sign, site lighting trees and the like. The maximum banner size shall be one (1) square foot of banner area per linear feet of building frontage facing a public street not to exceed a maximum of thirty-two (32) square feet.


Temporary signs and banners associated with an active residential subdivision - One (1) sign per subdivision entrance up to a maximum of two (2) signs per subdivision street frontage to advertise the sale of lots or homes during the active construction and build-out of a residential subdivision. Total allowable sign area per street frontage shall not exceed sixty-four (64) square feet in area and no one sign may exceed 48 square feet. Maximum sign height is ten (10) feet and shall not encroach on a public right-of-way and meet all visibility triangle requirements from the nearest intersection. Also, a maximum of two (2) wind driven flags with no advertising copy may be displayed at the subdivisions main entrance. Subdivisions with entrances on two separate streets may have such display at both street entrances. No individual wind driven flags may exceed thirty (30) square feet in area or exceed a maximum height of 12’. Each model home used as a sales office in an active subdivision under development may have one (1) 24 square foot sign for advertising the sales office. All other model homes may have one (1) 4 square foot sign freestanding or wall mounted identifying the model home. Alternatively, one (1) A-framed sign not exceeding 16 square feet may be placed on the lot(s) with the model home. Any A-frame sign shall not be placed on a public right-of-way and shall be removed daily. One (1) directional sign per street giving directions to model homes. Such signs shall not exceed nine (9) square feet each and not exceed a maximum height of five (5) feet, and one (1) A-frame sign may be located at the main subdivision entrance. Such signs shall not exceed a maximum of nine (9) square feet and shall not be located within the public right-of-way or visibility triangle and shall be removed daily.


-Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area Septic Tank Pump-Out Program mailouts for Zone 5 begins July 1, 2013...see more »


-CDBG and HOME Program
The 2015-2016 Annual Action Plan is available for public review and comment. More information is provided in this pdf file or you may email the Community Development Coordinator for more information or comment.

The 2016-2017 Annual Action Plan Draft is available for public review and comment. More information is provided in this word document or you may email the Community Development Coordinator for more information or comment.

The 2017-2018 Annual Action Plan is available for public review and comment. More information is provided in this .pdf document or you may email the Community Development Coordinator for more information or comment.

The mission of the City of Suffolk Department of Planning and Community Development is to provide effective management of the City’s physical development by developing mechanisms that decision makers can utilize in managing and guiding growth to assure sustainable, orderly and efficient new development; to protect and enhance existing stable communities and planning for and stimulating the revitalization of declining areas through sound planning objectives and to articulate the community’s vision for the City’s future. Additionally, we will quickly and courteously respond to all customer service requests and cooperate intra-departmentally to ensure safe and well-maintained properties and structures for the benefit of Suffolk’s citizens and visitors.

The Department of Planning and Community Development consists of two divisions as follows:

PlanningPlanning Division – Responsible for both current and long range planning activities. Current planning includes the technical review of site plans, subdivisions and other land use applications such as rezonings, conditional use permits, historic district review, wetlands and Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act review. Comprehensive long range planning activities include updating the Comprehensive Plan and also develops studies related to land use and housing and redevelopment. The geographic information system services provide digital mapping services. Planning: (757) 514-4060 ·


Community DevelopmentCommunity Development Division – Responsible for all building permitting and inspections, housing and property maintenance inspections and enforcement as well as zoning administration including inspections, enforcement of the Board of Zoning Appeals and customer service. Community Development: (757) 514-4150 ·

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