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The Zoning Division enforces the City and Unified Development Ordinances and other related codes concerning zoning matters. Zoning conducts inspections to determine property ownership and responds to inquiries and complaints from the general public on zoning matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.      How do I find out what my property is zoned?  

         Contact the zoning division at 514-4161.

 2.      Can I have chickens on my property?   

          Yes, if your property is zoned A, RR and RE, you can have chickens on your property.

 3.      How do I know if my lot is a buildable lot?  

          Zoning is not able to verify if lots are buildable, but we can advise as to what setbacks are needed to be able to build.

 4.      What is the minimum lot size needed for building?  

          Please see Table 407-1.

5.      Can I park an RV on my property?  

          A recreation vehicle is permitted to be parked in the driveway or in the back yard of your property. It cannot be utilized for living while it is parked on the property and cannot be parked on a vacant parcel.

6.      Do I need a zoning permit for small sheds and fences? 

          Yes, all improvements on your property need a zoning permit.

7.      Where on my property can I put a shed?   

          5’ side and 5’ rear of property behind the house (except on a corner lot).

 8.      What businesses are permitted in certain zoning districts?  

          Please see Table 406-1.

 9.      Can I have a business or office at my home?  

         Please refer to the home occupation section of the Zoning Ordinance at 31-707 Home Occupations.

10.   Can I place a temporary storage box or container on my property?  

         Please see section 31-717 for permits for temporary storage units.

 11.   Do I need a zoning permit for small sheds and fences?  

         Yes all improvements on your property need a zoning permit.


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