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The Suffolk Police Department wants to hear from our citizens and our web users. You may contact us for non-Emergency Situations at Emergency Communications Center by calling 923-2350. In addition, the below phone list should also assist you in reaching specific sections of our Department of our Department.
For emergency situations, please call 911.

Section Name Phone Number
Administrative Staff    
Chief of Police Thomas E. Bennett 757-514-7900
Chief's Executive Secretary Janet Carr 757-514-7900
Deputy Chief of Administration Stephanie Burch 757-514-7949
Deputy Chief of Operations C.S. Patterson 757-514-7910
Deputy Chief of Investigations   757-514-7902
Command Secretary Amanda Morean 757-514-7908
Administration Captain Gerald Brandsasse 757-514-7911
Administration Lieutenant Michael Wise 757-514-7903
Property and Evidence Sergeant Keith Fromme 757-514-7920
Internal Affairs Sergeant  Jesse Epperson 757-514-7906
Accreditation and Training Sergeant  Cheryl Balzer 757-514-7913
Accreditation Manager Shelly Koziana 757-514-7959
Training Coordinator William Craig 757-514-7937
Hiring/Background Investigator Dwayne Wiggins 757-514-7907
Administrative Analyst Joel Howard 757-514-7905
Fugitive Unit    
Fugitive Unit's Sergeant Keith Fromme 757-514-7920
Warrants Clerk Linda Brewer 757-514-7922
Warrant Officers   757-514-7924
Central Records Staff    
Records Supervisor Jeanette Robertson 757-514-7914
Central Records Staff   757-514-7915
Emergency Communications Center (non-emergency) 757-923-2350
False Alarm Reduction Coordinator Sandra Springle 757-514-7927
Investigative Staff    
Investigations Captain  Janet Brandsasse 757-514-7951
Criminal Investigations Lieutenant John Meston 757-514-7948
Violent Crimes Sergeant Timothy Cooper 757-514-7947
Property Crimes Sergeant Gary Myrick 757-514-7904
Investigations Secretary Cynthia Meyers 757-514-7930
Investigations Secretary Diane Lynch 757-514-7958
Crime Analyst  Jessica Zeman 757-514-7995
Intelligence Analyst Amanda Herbert 757-514-7980
Vice and Narcotics Lieutenant Mark Erie 757-514-7891
Vice and Narcotics Sergeant Isaac Lopez 757-514-7950
Downtown Gang Unit Sergeant Herman Kee 757-514-7860
Northern Gang unit Sergeant  Robert Fahrman 757-514-7969
Cold Case Unit   757-514-7904
Forensic Supervisor  L. Huffman 757-514-7940
Sector 1 Patrol Staff    
Captain Timothy Smith 757-514-7888
Sector 1 Patrol Central Records   757-514-7875
A Squad (Days 7:45AM - 3:00PM) Timothy Duncan 757-514-7883
B Squad (Evenings 2:45 PM - 11:00 PM) Kevin Harrison 757-514-7882
C Squad (Midnights 10:45PM - 7:00AM) Cassandra Garvin 757-514-7881
A Squad (Days 7:45AM - 3:00PM)   757-514-7884
B Squad (Evenings 2:45 PM - 11:00 PM)   757-514-7885
C Squad (Midnights 10:45PM - 7:00AM)   757-514-7886
Sector 2 Patrol Staff    
Captain James Buie 757-514-7960
A Squad (Days 7:45AM - 3:00PM) Troy Shelton 757-514-7963
B Squad (Evenings 2:45 PM - 11:00 PM) David Heroux 757-514-7962
C Squad (Midnights 10:45PM - 7:00AM) John McCarley 757-514-7961
A Squad (Days 7:45AM - 3:00PM)   757-514-7965
B Squad (Evenings 2:45 PM - 11:00 PM)   757-514-7972
C Squad (Midnights 10:45PM - 7:00AM)   757-514-7964
Special Operations    
Special Operations Lieutenant Alfred Chandler 757-514-7999
Motor Carrier/Marine Patrol Sergeant Lance Callis 757-514-7977
School Resource Officer Sergeant Andre Sparks 757-514-7998
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