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Frequently Asked Questions

The Suffolk Police Department receives many calls each day requesting various services. The following questions are those that are most frequently asked.

What is the City’s curfew for juveniles?
Under age 16 is 11pm. 16 years to 18 years of age is 12am.

When should I call 911?
If you have a health or criminal situation, call 911 immediately. When calling the police, be prepared to provide as accurate and detailed descriptions of the event as best you can. The better the details you provide helps us to better our response.

What if my situation isn’t an emergency? How do I contact the Suffolk Police Department?
Not all incidents reach the level of an “emergency.” Still we desire to provide our citizens the best service we can. By calling the non-emergency number, 757-923-2350, you can access our departmental phone directory that will put you in contact with our various divisions and specialized units. For example: Animal Control, Traffic, Community Services and the Criminal Investigations Division can all be accessed utilizing the department phone directory. If you need to have an officer respond to a non-emergency incident, when calling 757-923-2350, wait for the phone options to begin and then press “0” to be connected with a live call taker who will help provide you with the service you need.
You may also contact us at one of the numbers found on our contact list.

How long does it take for an officer to respond?
All emergency and non-emergency calls go through the city’s Emergency Communications Center. The calls are prioritized and dispatched immediately. The location of the call and availability of officers dictates the response time.

How can I get a police officer to speak to my group about safety?
The Suffolk Police Department prides itself on communicating with the community various safety and crime prevention techniques. You can request a program or speaker by:

  • Filling out a Suffolk Police Department Request for Speaker form and submitting in hand or by FAX to 757-514-4225.
  • Contacting 757-514-7908 and providing your information over the phone.
  • Submit your request electronically

With all requests we ask that you notify us 3-4 weeks in advance so that we might adequately prepare for your event.

Police Services

How do I get a copy of a police incident report?
Individuals may obtain a copy of a police incident report from the Central Records Unit of the Police Department. Individuals may request a copy by mail or by coming to the Central Records Office at Police Headquarters located at 111 Henley Place. There will be a fee for the report. However the listed victims in the report may obtain a copy at no charge.

How can I get a copy of a police crash report?
Individuals may obtain a copy of a police crash report from the Central Records Unit of the Police Department. There will be a fee for the report.

How can I get a copy of my criminal history record (also known as a background check or criminal arrest record)?
Individuals may obtain a copy of their local criminal history record from the Central Records Unit of the Police Department. Proof of identification is required in the form of a state issued picture ID and there is a fee for this service. The Local Background Check form may be completed by the Central Records Unit or presented at the time the request is made. Please note this report will only list offenses committed within the City of Suffolk. The Department of Virginia State Police issues statewide criminal history records for a fee.

How do I get a concealed weapon permit?
Individuals must obtain a concealed weapon permit application at the Suffolk Police Headquarters, Suffolk Circuit Court Clerk's Office or online at the Virginia State Police website:
Applicants are required to attend a recognized gun safety class and present the certificate of completion and the application to the Central Records Unit. Applicants with prior military experience are not required to take the gun safety class if they have a certified copy of their DD Form 214. Upon receipt of the required documentation, the Central Records Unit will fingerprint the applicant at no charge and forward the fingerprint card to the Suffolk Circuit Court.

How can I get a copy of my fingerprints?
Many employers require prospective employees provide a copy of their fingerprints prior to completing the hiring process. The employer will provide a fingerprint card for the employee to present to the Central Records Unit located at the main headquarters. This card and a picture ID must be presented prior to receiving the prints. There is a charge for each card.

Other Services

How can I get a temporary restraining order?
In the Commonwealth of Virginia there is no such thing as a Restraining Order. Virginia has what is called a Protective Order which acts like a restraining order. Contact the Magistrate's Office located at 2402 Godwin Boulevard. For additional information, dial 757-514-4300.

How can I get a car out of impound?
Contact the Suffolk Police Department Central Records Unit if you are unsure what company towed your vehicle. Once you have identified the towing company, call the company to determine if there is a “hold” on your vehicle. If the officer has not placed a “hold” on your vehicle, then you may pick it up from the towing company where it is stored. If the officer has requested that the vehicle be held, you must contact the police officer who towed your vehicle in order to have it released.

Where do I pay parking tickets?
All parking tickets issued within the City of Suffolk are paid at the City Treasurer's Office located at 442 West Washington Street. For additional information, please call 757-514-4275.

Neighborhood Safety

How do I find out about crimes in my neighborhood? 
You may access crime information about your neighborhood in several different ways:
1. You can access crime information free of charge by clicking on the link on our website. This will take you to our community crime mapping page where you can do a search regarding your neighborhood.
2. You can contact our Crime Analyst at 757-514-7870 and request the information for a fee. You will be required to complete a Freedom of Information Act request over the phone in order to receive the information. 
3. You can obtain the information through your civic league meetings. Officers are assigned to attend civic league meetings and can be asked to present the information at a civic league meeting, if given advanced notice.

How do I start a Neighborhood Watch in my community?
You may contact the Department and request a speaker presentation on the topic of starting a Neighborhood Watch in your community.

What can the Police do about speeders in my neighborhood? 
If you are witnessing a reckless or dangerous driver, please contact our emergency or non-emergency phone numbers reporting the violation so that a patrol car can attempt to catch the violator. If this is a frequent and ongoing problem, the Suffolk Police can implement a speed monitoring or enforcement campaign. For more ideas about how to impact this problem in your neighborhood go to

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