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Office of the Treasurer

Downtown Office
442 West Washington Street
Suffolk, VA 23434 map
(757) 514-4275 (phone)
(757) 514-7299 (fax)
M-F 8:30AM - 5:00PM

North Suffolk Office
2000 Bennetts Creek Park Road
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757) 514-7175 (phone)
757) 483-1207 (fax))
M-F 8:30AM - 5:00PM

Frequently Asked Questions

When are Real Estate taxes due?

Real Estate taxes are due in two parts. The first half is due by Dec 5, then the second half is due by June 5 of the fiscal year. Penalty and Interest will be added if not paid by due date.

How can I apply for tax relief on my Real Estate tax bill?

To apply for tax relief, applicant must be at least sixty-five (65) years of age, or permanently and totally disabled. Contact the Department of Social Services for eligibility criteria and applications. Applications must be filed between January 1st, and June 30th.

Who would I contact to pay or discuss Personal Property taxes?

Personal Property taxes are due by Dec 5 each year. Penalty and Interest will be added if not paid by due date. If you have any questions about your tax bill and need to make any changes please contact the Commissioner of the Revenue's office. After all questions have been answered and adjustments made, payments should be submitted to the Treasurer's office.

What are the payment schedules for State Income/Estimated taxes?

State Income tax payments are due by May 1 of each year. After this date penalty and interest will added. Penalty is 6% per month with a max of 30%. Interest is 10% annually. Estimated taxes are paid in four payments with payment vouchers. Payments are due May 1st, June 15th, September 15th and January 15th of the following year. For additional information please contact the Department of Taxation of Virginia or the office of Commissioner of the Revenue.

How can I obtain a Dog tag?

A current rabies certificate must be submitted with payment in order to purchase a dog tag. Dog tags are $5 per dog, $15 for small kennel (up to 20 dogs), and $25 for large kennel ( up to 50 dogs). If you are registering as a kennel 5 or more rabies certificates must be sub- mitted with payment. A kennel is when 5 or more dogs are kept for breeding, hunting, training, renting, buying, boarding, selling, or showing. Dog tags are due by March 1st. Dog tag renewal forms are mailed out on November 1st, on all dogs previously licensed.

What information is needed to purchase a Bicycle license?

To purchase a bicycle license the following information will be needed. Owner full name, address, phone#, make , model#, serial #, wheel size and color. Date and place of purchase will also be needed. If bicycle is motorized, please note on form. Applications are available in our office. Registration fee is a one time payment of $1.00 . If under 18, a parent or guardian must complete application.

How do I obtain an application for a Business license?

Please contact the office of Commissioner of the Revenue at (757) 514-4260 for requirements and applications , then bring completed applications and payment to the Treasurer's office.

Where do I go to pay a Parking ticket?

Payments for parking tickets are made to the Treasurer's Office. If you have misplaced the parking ticket, please contact the City of Suffolk Police Department for a copy. The original parking ticket or copy must accompany payment. Parking tickets must be paid in full at time of payment.

If I want to rent a City facility - where would I go?

Contact the Department of Parks and Recreation for an application for rental of the National Guard Armory, Lone Star Lakes club house, , Whaleyville Center, Planter's Club, Bennett's Creek park, Birdsong Recreation Conference room, and Cypress Pools shelters. Any application requiring a permit or license must be approved by the Suffolk Police Department . After completion of the application payments can be made to the Treasurer's office.

Can payments for other City services be paid at the Treasurer's office?

Completed applications for various city services (such as meal tax, cigarette stamps, lodging tax, inspection fees, library fees, and housing violation fees) can be paid in our office. Monthly notices are also mailed out for (hospitalization for retired employees, airport hangers/gas fees, grave openings, etc).

How can I find any unclaimed money that I may have?

Follow this link to search public records for any potential unclaimed money or property in your name.
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