Suffolk Public Library Honored With 2 Awards

Suffolk Public Library has announced it has received the Innovative Outreach Award and the Outstanding Website Award. The Virginia Public Library Directors Association (VPLDA), at their annual conference held in Syria, Virginia, presented the awards to library director Clint S Rudy.
Suffolk Public Library Logo
“It is such an honor to have our dedicated and innovative staff recognized by the other libraries in the Commonwealth,” said Rudy.

Pop-Up Library

The Innovative Outreach Award was given specifically for the work Suffolk Public Library is doing with their Pop-Up Library. The Pop-Up Library allows Suffolk Public Library to expand access to services by setting up temporary locations throughout the community, increase awareness of what the library has to offer, and reach out to citizens who may not typically use the traditional library locations.

Virginia Public Library Directors Association (VPLDA)

The VPLDA brings together library directors from across the state of Virginia to recognize the contributions of libraries throughout the year. Awards are based on the population size of the community a library serves.

More Information

For more information, call the Suffolk Public Library at 757-514-7323.