Courthouse Prohibited Items

It is a good idea to arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled business.  Upon entering the courthouse, you will be asked to proceed through metal detectors.  This process helps ensure the safety of all courthouse visitors.  You may will be asked to remove items from your pockets and place all bags on the conveyor belt for scanning.

By order of the City of Suffolk Sheriff, the following items cannot be bought into the courthouse:

Electronic Devices of any kind (Fitbit Watches,Smart Watch iPad, iPod, Cell Phones, Smart WatchesSmart Watch or Similar devices)

  • Knives of any size (to include box cutters, razors or any edged weapons)Pocket knive
  • Firearms, ammunition or explosives
  • Personal protective spray (mace) or any aerosol spray
  • Tools of any kind, manual or electric (I.e.- screwdrivers, hammers, drills, chisels, etc.)
  • Handcuff keys 
  • Any item whose possession is prohibited by State Statue (controlled substances)
  • Any item that could be considered threatening (this may include manicure kits,manicure kit items knitting needles, metal hair picks, scissors or laser pointers)