Personnel/Staff Complaints

Best Sheriff Badge 2017The office image and reputation depends on the personal integrity and discipline of all office employees.  To a large degree, the public image of the office is determined by a professional response to allegations of misconduct against its employees.  The office must competently and impartially investigate all allegations of misfeasance and malfeasance by employees. Upon the completion of any investigation the office will notify the complaining person in writing explaining the results of the inquiry.  

How to make a complaint:

a. A copy of "Report of Complaint Against Sheriff's Personnel" may be given to any citizen requesting information on how to make a complaint and can be printed from the link below.

Click for link to form: “Report of Complaint Against Sheriff's Personnel"

b.  If needed, a supervisory deputy can assist you in filling out a complaint form by calling or visiting the Suffolk Sheriff's Office.  This form asks you to identify yourself and then to give specific details about your complaint.

c.  Your complaint will then be investigated.  You may be contacted and asked additional questions about your complaint.

d.  If it is going to take an extended period of time to investigate your complaint, you will receive a letter telling you approximately when you may expect a reply.

e. When investigation of your complaint has been completed, the Sheriff will review the investigation and will write you a letter explaining the results of the inquiry.

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