Prudence Road at Pruden Center Entrance

The project consists of intersection improvements at Pruden Boulevard (US 460) and Prudence Road to allow for left turn movements both north and south of Pruden Boulevard. The existing typical section which consists of an undivided four lane roadway with minimal shoulders and ditches will be replaced with a raised median separating two-way traffic and protecting left turn movements and curb and gutter along the south side of the roadway. A 5’ wide concrete sidewalk will be installed along the south side of Pruden Boulevard to promote pedestrian connectivity along the corridor.


Luke Drylie, Project Manager

Phone:  514-7708

Project Aerial

Project Aerial

Roadway Plans

Roadway Plans


The budget for this project $4,767,254 using a combination of state and local funds.

Preliminary Engineering:  $280,478
Right of Way Acquisition: $1,599,751
Construction:                    $2,887,025


Preliminary Engineering: Jan 2018 – Feb 2020
Right of Way Acquisition: Feb 2020 – Aug 2021
Construction:                    July 2022 – Dec 2023