Lake Cohoon Road Bridge Replacement

This major transportation project on Lake Cohoon Road/State Route 639 will replaced the deck and superstructure on the bridge over the CSX railroad at the crossing located just north of Holland Road.

The $2.5 million project will replace the entirety of the deck and superstructure to the 400-foot long bridge. While the abutments and columns were restored, they did not require replacement. The bridge is now open to traffic.

Project Engineer:

Ali Huazy

Phone: 514-7712

Progress Timeline

12/21/2021 Pouring Concrete.  4 of 6 spans poured.  Currently pouring the 5th span and restoring the 15 columns.  

8/11/2021 Demolition of old deck 95% complete.

6/01/2021 Demolition of old deck begins.

01/2021 Removing trees, shrubbery and building temporary work platform.

12/21/2021 Adding Steel Rebar, Deck Pans and Pouring Concrete.  Restoring 15 Columns

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8/31/2021 Demolition Work - Removing the Bridge Deck 100% Complete


8/31/2021 Steel Structure Repair and replacement - 30%


7/21/2021 - Ongoing demolition work. The structural steel skeleton of the bridge.


Bridge Plans

Bridge Plan

Roadway Plans

Roadway Plan