How to Read a Suffolk Transit Schedule

How to Read a Suffolk Transit Schedule

Use the Graphic to Follow the Letters

Popular destinations form the basis of the schedule and these bus stops are usually easily identifiable. Just as if you’re reading a book, the schedule is read from left to right and from top to bottom. The numbers indicate the order of the stops on the schedule. 

These numbered stops indicate a transfer point. At these stops you can transfer to another route. 

Times listed in the schedule are called time points. Each time point represents the departure time of the bus. Buses are not able to leave a time point early. If the route arrives early, the driver will pause for a few minutes until the departure time is reached.

The last time point represents when and where the bus will go out of service.

The numbers on the map correspond to a time point on the schedule. The map gives a visual representation of where the time point falls within the route. 

**Please note this brochure is just an example, it has since been updated.