Elwood Rd Bridge Replacement

Completed Bridge

Elwood Rd Bridge 1
Elwood Rd Bridge 3
Elwood Rd Bridge 2

The contractor started work on June 24th, 2022 replacing the Elwood Road Bridge (Rte. 613) over Kingsale Swamp.  The new bridge was opened to traffic on Wednesday, January 17th, 2023 

The old bridge was a single span steel girder superstructure with timber deck supported on timber substructure spanning approximately 31 ft. which made it structurally and geometrically deficient. It restricted the passage of emergency vehicles and farm equipment.

The new structure is constructed from prestressed concrete piles and a voided slab span; the anticipated life cycle of the new bridge will be 75 years.  

  • Operations Manager: Ed Heide
  • Phone:  514-7615

Traffic Detour

Detour - Elwood Rd BRDG Replacement
Elwood Bridge
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Construction: Spring 2022 -  Winter 2023