Pittmantown Rd Bridge Replacement

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A public hearing occurred on November 16th at City Hall (442 West Washington Street, Suffolk 23434).  


The City of Suffolk is planning to replace the bridge and perform minor roadwork on the Pittmantown Road Bridge over Beaverdam Swamp (Structure #8051)

The bridge was built in 1950 and is posted as VA 7 tons for VA Type 3 Vehicles and 10 tons for VA Type 3S2 vehicles. The bridge is a single span steel multi-girder superstructure with timber deck supported on timber substructure spanning approximately 45 ft. 

The existing structure is now considered structurally deficient. Location shown on map below.

Project is currently in the design phase.  A complete road closure will be effect during construction.


  • Operations Manager: Ed Heide
  • Phone:  514-7615


Preliminary Engineering $139,000

Right of Way $15,000

Construction $1,266,000

Total Budget $1,420,000


Right of Way: Winter 2022 - 2023

Planned bid date: Spring 2024

Construction: Summer 2024 - Summer 2025