Community Garden Mural Project


We are looking for an artist to paint a mural on the dumpster adjacent to the community garden at East Suffolk Recreation Center. The piece should fit the community gardening theme! That could be a field of wild flowers, gardens, vegetable baskets, farming scene or any idea you may have that fits the theme. Are you an artist and interested in submitting your idea to be chosen for the job?

$400 to pay for materials and artist.

This call for pubic art is open to all applicants aged 15 and above. Applicants from within Suffolk and beyond are encouraged to apply.

Paint, preferably an oil-based enamel, or spray paint. Materials that are to be used must be considered and listed in the project proposal and artist budget.

The Dumpster:
Mural to be painted on front, back and both sides (dumpster will be cleaned for artist).    

Entry Process:
Submit entry by December 31st deadline.  Must include a project proposal, potential budget, and images associated with the project.  Email entry to

The Mural Project winner will be selected by an internal jurying committee and a final review from the Director of Parks and Recreation. All selections are subject to the artist adhering to agreed upon timelines and specifications.

Image Usage Rights:
The City of Suffolk reserves the right to use all entries for print, promotional materials, presentations and online and are released from any liability. 

Submission Deadline: December 31st 2020 Email entry to
Winning Artist Notified: January 31st 2021
Complete Mural Deadline: April 1st 2021

Dumpster Project Prospective 2019